Discover a life where you can be free from suffering.
Learn about the your own powerful resources to help you recover from ESO - Emotional Stress Overload.
Understanding The MindBody Symptom will lead you to your recovery.

Dystonia Treatment

Cervical Dystonia program is a unique treatment that creates lasting change.

Chronic Pain Condition

OldPain2Go is a wonderful methodology where I am able to eliminate your pain

OldPain2Go Training

I'm an authorised OldPain2Go Trainer. Train with me to get others out of suffering

Welcome, I'm Neil Durrans and I offer a program to help you recover from Dystonia, across the world via Zoom.

I am a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and an OldPain2Go™ Master Practitioner and International Trainer.

I work with The MindBody Symptom which enables you to recover from conditions with no medical cure..

I specialise in working with all types of Dystonia including, Cervical Dystonia, Blepharospasm, Focal Dystonia & Generalised Dystonia.

I also work with other MindBody Symptoms caused by  Emotional Stress Overload including – Chronic Pain conditions like :- Back Pain, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis RSI etc

Auto Immune conditions are also caused by Emotional Stress Overload and can be recovered from, eg – Fibromyalgia, CFS, Raynauds, ME, FND and so on…

Understanding how your MInd & Body work will enable you to recover from the chronic symptoms that you are living with.

My job is to give you knowledge and understanding that you need to then apply into your life so that you can rebalance and recover.

Look through the website to learn more.

I am based in Enfield, North London, and work via Zoom anywhere in the world.


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What others say

I've had 2 sessions with Neil. We did one session on reducing chronic pain which I have had for 15 years. The sessions made a noticeable difference, I feel in control of the pain and have the ability to stop it coming on as strong as before.

Prior to the session I didn't quite believe that it could help, how could it stop or improve pain I'd had for 15 years when nothing else had worked. But it has helped! I'd definitely recommend Neil and a session to anyone in pain.

You've got nothing to loose and a lot to gain from giving it a go! Neil genuinely cares about people and wants to help! Thanks again Neil!
I started a weight loss program with Neil beginning of Feb. 6 weeks on ive lost 11lb. Neil Durrans has made me change my thinking about food. I feel like ive lost these few pounds effortless. Ive tried so many diets in the past. I am or shall i say was a big comfort eater, but Neil has changed that for me. Thank you Neil and i know i've a long way to go but i have a funny feeling i will get there. And i will get into that mother of the bride dress . Highly recommended
Mike Stuart
I have had 4 sessions with Neil for weight loss and I've found it really amazing. Neil is supportive ,realistic and uplifting and I really enjoyed the sessions ..the time out. I've always been a real picker and had terrible sugar cravings I've lost a stone in the 8 week period and I've not been on a diet I've reduced the picking and 'emotional eating'. In the past I've tried diets lost a few stone put it on again with more I'm sure lots of you relate to this. I feel this has really worked in my mind .I would highly recommend it ..you're worth it !!
Weight Loss
I am not saying too much at present, as it is still early day's but after 30 years of smoking 20 a day, I have now been smoke free for just over three week's. No patches or gum, no grumpy mood swings or biting peoples heads off. From a sceptic to a believer, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Quit Smoking

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