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About Neil Durrans

Neil Durrans is a Professional Hypnotherapist & Master Practitioner & International Trainer in OldPain2Go™ specialising in Chronic Emotional Conditions.

Authorised OldPain2Go™ International Trainer and the only therapist in the world offering the  unique Dystonia Treatment Program worldwide.

When you work with Neil, he will put you at ease from the first contact, he is professional and fun at the same time.

The level of support Neil gives is second to none, offering constant contact and Hypnosis audios to assist you through which ever program or session you are using.

Neil was diagnosed with Focal Hand Dystonia in 2014, then Blepharospasm in 2016, symptoms included eye closure & head pulling down, medically known as Cervical Dystonia. Neil spent 2 years recovering from symptoms understanding the cause to be Emotional Stress Overload (ESO), and now works with  people across the world, teaching them how to recover from these debilitating conditions.

Neil also offers a FREE consultation either via Zoom.

Contact Neil to start your unique journey of change.

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Other services

Dystonia Treatment

Cervical Dystonia program is a unique treatment that creates lasting change.

Chronic Pain Condition

OldPain2Go is a wonderful methodology where I am able to eliminate your pain.

OldPain2Go Training

I'm an authorised OldPain2Go Trainer. Train with me to get others out of suffering.