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Taking control of your life, living without fear and pain, managing your weight and breaking old habits, what would that mean to you?

Modern medicine often can not solve all our fears and pains and an alternative approach can really give you back your life, so you can go out there and do what you love the most and  start to enjoy life once again.

Have a look below at the services I offer and have a read the testimonials on every page. Contact me above if you would like to book a free consultation to see how I can help you.

Other services

Cervical Dystonia Hypnosis

Cervical Dystonia program is a unique treatment that creates lasting change.

Chronic Pain

OldPain2Go is a wonderful methodology where I am able to eliminate your pain

Phobia removal & Anxiety

Phobia removal is a one session.
Anxiety! What Anxiety - 4 session Program

Weight loss

Weight loss program consists of 4 sessions of hypnosis to retrain your brain to have a better relationship with food.

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking with me in 1 session, amazing results.

OldPain2Go Training

I'm an authorised OldPain2Go Trainer. Train with me to get others out of suffering

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