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clients can be seen in the Therapy Room Face to Face or Worldwide via Skype.

Cervical Dystonia is condition caused by
Stress or Trauma and can be controlled
by using our own
Natural Resources

Cervical Dystonia Treatment Program with Neil in London or anywhere across the world (via skype)

My Cervical Dystonia Treatment Program is unique because I have used my own personal experience to develop it.. I have  terrific success with reducing the symptoms of Cervical Dystonia. I suffered with a Functional Movement Disorder which is parallel to Blepharospasm & Cervical Dystonia which has helped me to gain a full understanding of the condition and what Dystonic sufferers go through on a daily basis.

The program consists of 4 sessions of Hypnotherapy run over 3 weeks, and requires a total commitment from you as the client.

This program will teach YOU how to self treat and continue to gain control of the symptoms of Cervical Dystonia so that you can start to get your life back.

What will you notice? :-

Anxiety drops to normal levels

Pain / Tension is significantly reduced or removed

Tremors calm

Posture straightens

Confidence & Positivity improve

Quality of life improves

Cervical Dystonia Hypnosis Program £499 for 5 sessions + Audios. Bolt on sessions are optional for £100 each.
Blepharospasm Hypnosis Full Program £699 for 6 sessions + audios
Pain Reduction only – 1 session is £100. (not hypnosis)
Read what people say below…
Cervical Dystonia Treatment


What others say

Hi everyone, it has been 4 months since my last treatment with Neil Durrans and I'm happy to say I am feeling AMAZING!! Neil's treatment has worked for me my graph results are posted in the page I'm the New Zealand graph results in another post in this group. Everyday I listen to Neil he sent me his relaxation audio before my Skype treatment through email that is available to everyone in here free ask Neil for a copy of it asap if you need to calm yourself down it worked for me! Then I had 4 treatments with Neil over Skype and they worked for me! I am pain free and my symptoms are not noticeable this is because I listened to Neil and followed what he suggested. Once a week I listen to another Audio of Neil which is specifically for the Cervical Dystonia around visualising you receive this with the treatment. I am in a few Dystonia groups (nowadays not so much as I'm not looking for healing as I found it here) but occasionally when I read a post that is in my news feed from one of these groups and someone's crying out for help I private msg them and share what helped me with a pic of this group then it is up to them if they choose to join the group. That's my way of giving back and sharing what I have found works for me. My Husband Kerry Andrell after seeing my results had a session with Neil for his back pain and his pain is completely gone in one session!! We are so Thankful to Neil he has a gift and grateful that I stumbled across this group and joined the rest is history. God Bless you all
Cervical Dystonia
I had my first treatment with Neil a few days ago. Immediately following the session I was pain free. The next morning, I woke up and no pain. That afternoon, I went for a hair cut. My stylist (of 7 years) couldn't believe the change in me. She noticed that my head was straight and that I was sitting very quietly. She often kidded me that cutting my hair was like cutting hair of a two year old. Since the treatment I'm having less episodes during the day. I'm learning to manage my stress better. Looking forward to my next treatments.
Hypnosis for Cervical Dystonia
Yesterday I had my first session with Neil via skype. I suffer from cervical dystonia for more than 20 years. Right now I am going through very stressful moments in my life, which make me feel very tense and my symptoms got worse. When the session was over, I felt my neck muscles so relaxed and I felt refreshed. I have not felt any pain since yesterday. Thank you Neil! I can't wait to have my second session!
Cervical Dystonia
I have just finished my 6th session with Neil! I cannot explain in words the difference it has made to my life already! Neil has taught me the techniques I need to gain control. I feel so positive and happy. Again I have had a great week. Here are a few of my successes: - I was able to watch TV for a whole hour with my head straight. -I walked straight after doing the visualisation for about ten minutes. -I drove 15 miles. -I walked straight at work today without even realising! -I presented to group of Parents for 45 minutes. I also have to add that I sing in a duo and I have my come back gig tomorrow night! I am not going to let this condition stop me doing anything! I feel like I have my life back!
Cervical Dystonia Treatment

We can work together face to face at my office in London or over mobile phone in the U.K. or Skype anywhere in the world.

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