Based in London, clients can be seen in the Therapy Room face to face or Worldwide via Skype.

Cervical Dystonia is neurological movement disorder in which muscles contract and spasm involuntarily.

Cervical Dystonia Treatment Program with Neil in London or anywhere across the world (via skype)

My Cervical Dystonia Treatment Program is unique because I have constructed it. I have  terrific success with reducing Dystonic symptoms in multiple areas. I suffer with a Functional Movement Disorder which is parallel to Blepharospasm & Cervical Dystonia which has helped me to gain a full understanding of the condition and what Dystonic sufferers go through on a daily basis.

The program consists of 6 sessions of Hypnosis run over 6 weeks, and requires a real commitment from you as the client.

This program will teach YOU how to self treat and continue to gain control of the Dystonic symptoms in the long term.

You will notice considerable changes in :-




Well being

Quality of life

Cervical Dystonia Hypnosis Program £459 for 4 sessions + Audios. (Newly diagnosed / mild or no Medication)
Cervical Dystonia Hypnosis Full Program £600 for 6 sessions + audios. (Long term or more severe cases)
Pain Elimination only – 1 session is £100. (not hypnosis)
Cervical Dystonia Treatment


What others say

I've just had my 5th hypnotherapy phone session with Neil for cervical dystonia and feeling more positive than ever before.

My headaches and pain went after the first session which was staggering considering how drained I felt at the end of the day. I have far more energy and won't allow myself to get so tense, this I can do with the visualisation techniques Neil has been teaching me.

These sessions are liberating, it's becoming easier to relax my mind and make the changes I need to correct my condition. It's not easy at first and it's hard work mentally but it really doesn't take long if you practice daily (ideally) and it does get easier very quickly.

Thank you Neil for all your support, chats and giving me the knowledge to make these changes. It all makes sense with your method of retraining the brain...
Cervical dystonia
Had third session of my hypnotherapy last night everything went really well my neck seems to be behaving a little better it's also helping with the pain due to the fact I'm relaxing more something I'd forgot how to do lots more positive things going on in my mind it's just great to have a new focus thank you Neil look forward to next week's session
Hypnosis for dystonia
Yesterday I had my first session with Neil via skype. I suffer from cervical dystonia for more than 20 years. Right now I am going through very stressful moments in my life, which make me feel very tense and my symptoms got worse. When the session was over, I felt my neck muscles so relaxed and I felt refreshed. I have not felt any pain since yesterday. Thank you Neil! I can't wait to have my second session!
Cervical Dystonia
Neil has been helping me with coping with my Cervical Dystonia symptoms. NLP has helped me to learn how to properly relax and has helped with reducing the severity of my symptoms. Dystonia is a movement disorder and NLP is helping me to reduce my stress levels and in turn gain more self confidence and a better quality of life. Thank you Neil, you area very special person Subject: Cervical Dystonia
Cervical Dystonia Treatment

We can work together face to face at my office in London or over mobile phone in the U.K. or Skype anywhere in the world.

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