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Unique Phobia Removal Session

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & phobias

Phobia removal is completed in one session where your phobias are completely deleted, you do not need to fear flying, spiders, heights or claustrophobia and many more, ever again.

Remove annoying habits like, nail biting, hair pulling or skin picking in 1 session.

ANXIETY!!!! What anxiety? Program – 4 sessions of coaching and hypnosis to help facilitate the changes that you want to get you back in control of your life.
STOP NAIL BITING is £100 for the session
PHOBIA REMOVAL is £250 for the session
ANXIETY!!!! What anxiety Program is £800 for 4 session
Payments are splint into 4 payments for Anxiety.

What others say

I have held a fear of heights for most of my life and after one fun session with Neil I feel like I can go to the top of the highest building without feeling nervous.

We also tackled my fear of flying in the same session. Following on from my last review I am so happy to report that I am no longer anxious about flying, thanks to Neil.

Usually I would be nervous for days before flying and it got so bad that I hadn't flown for 3 years.

That's all in the past now! We flew into Crete and I was calm for the take off ( the worst part for me) and slept for some of the journey.

As we came into land first one wheel hit the ground then we bumped along for a few seconds before taking off again.

I was amazed that I didn't feel any fear at all. The second attempt at landing was successful!!!

Thank you Neil for showing me how to tackle my irrational fear of flying. It worked a treat. ​Amazing, no fear of flying thanks to Neil.
Fear of heights and flying
Having struggled with my daughters Phobia for some time and having seen doctors and psychologists I started to question if anyone could help.

I saw Neil's practice promoted on LYDS so I thought I would call him.

My initial contact with Neil was by phone, his easy manner and gentle questioning led me to make an appointment.

He came to the house and spent 40 minutes with my daughter, putting her at ease before he went into the exercises with her.

His use of NLP tools was impressive. The scenarios he made her work through would usually have left her distressed and upset.

Neil created just the opposite feelings and left her far more positive than I have ever seen her.

After the session my daughter was relaxed and determined not to let her phobia define who she was. She has since had to deal directly with her phobia in the worst possible way but the tools Neil equipped her with got her through the situation in a way that I would never have thought possible.

Thank you Neil. ( he was fantastic )
Banish sickness Phobia with Hypnosis
We engaged Neil to work with our eight year old who was afraid of dogs after being bitten. We had one session with Neil and after that session, our eight year old is now a lot more confident and more at ease around dogs. Neil has a relaxed manner and good with children.
Fear of Dogs
Banish Rats and Mice Phobia I met Neil a few months ago because I needed help to overcome my severe fear of mice and rats. After an hour long relaxing session with Neil I can happily say that I no longer freak out at the site of rodents! Neil is a very friendly man, I felt relaxed and very welcome. I highly recommend him. Thanks Neil.
Hypnosis for Rats and Mice Phobia

Hypnotherapy for Fears & Phobias will give you control over your life once again.