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Hypnotherapy weight loss with Neil

Weight loss program consists of 4 sessions of hypnosis designed to retrain you brain to have a better relationship with food. No DIEts, no shakes, no weighing food, no fads. Just sensible mindful thinking when it comes to food.

As a Nutritional Adviser I help you to improve your awareness of what of are putting into your body. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!!!

Encouragement and honest feedback is key to assisting you on your journey.
Weight loss hypnosis program is £480 for 4 sessions spread over 6 weeks. Payment can be split into instalments.
Individual sessions are £130 each

What others say

I've had two sessions of therapy to help me with weight loss and to help reduce the very high levels of blood sugar I've had for a long time which has, and is life threatening. My first session with Neil was at the beginning of November, and from the very first day I couldn't believe the change in me. I cannot explain it because I am still me, only my eating habits have changed. The first immediate change was to the portion size on my plate, I couldn't believe I actually left food on my plate, which I've never done before. Then I refused chocolate being offered, now let's face it who declines chocolate! I have been forever fighting with myself, but never had the strength to tell the little devil in my brain to go away. Well Neil has changed all that. Today I went back to my GPs surgery for my blood results and my sugar levels have gone down by almost 3 levels. I've lost over 1 stone, and my clothes are falling off me. I am not dieting, I am not taking pills, this is so natural, it is a new way of living. My goal is carry on and hopefully reverse my diabetes. I wish to thank Neil and recommend him to all who have weight problems and other issues, my only regret is that I did not know of his services years ago, if I had I could have prevented becoming a diabetic.
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
I had read previous reviews for Neil and was intrigued what Hypnosis actually meant. I've been wanting to eat healthier and take some control back of my life.

I met Neil and immediately felt at ease and really enjoyed the session. I will be back and highly recommend him.
Weight loss
I feel so much happier and confident now I have seen Neil, he has given me the tools I need to help stop my snacking habits. His self esteem technique was great and made me feel real love for myself. Thank you Neil.
hypnotherapy for weight loss
Went to see Neil to help with losing weight. Was feeling really nervous but found him really easy to talk to.

Left feeling really motivated to start my journey and have now rejoined the gym after 12 years which is a great achievement for me.
Weight loss

Weight loss hypnosis is a support tool used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Eat less, do more = a slimmer you

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